Tour day 1

Peace world and thanks for tuning in. Me and my brother R.A.P Ferreira are out on the road on tour getting things moving. Our first stop was Spirit Lodge in Pittsburgh. First shout out to Justin Strong for hosting us and promoting the event. As well shout out to the fans in Pittsburgh they showed mad love. For a medium sized show they really turned up and out on. Pittsburgh has some amazingly supportive fans and I’m definitely looking forward to one day coming back.

As for myself my trip started off well. After a 56 minute flight from Chicago I landed at Pittsburgh international airport with very little difficulty, grabbed my bags from baggage claim and scheduled a Lyft to pick me up. The layout of the land of Pittsburgh is very different from that of the midwest with lots of greenery and hills. I have never been to Pittsburgh so I had no clue as to what to expect. Upon the Lyft ride to the Motel 6 hotel room I had secured I was informed by my Lyft driver that there may be a prostitution ring being run out of the Motel which was hilarious but you know I’m all for a good time! Lol. Nah not really! I was kind of shocked but hey times are hard and people gotta get it how they live I guess and that’s a literal statement. Not that I expected much out of the Motel 6  it it seemed even expecting little was to expect too much at all because my room was crazy dirty. There were dirty boot marks in the shower and the room floors were sticky. I can’t really call it much, it was unsavory but yet it did provide a nights rest.

Moral of the story is to avoid the bargain priced motel rooms and spend a couple dollars. That is if you can. Next stop is Covington, KY. Check ya’ll on the next one.