Tour Blog #2

The Pittsburgh was awesome. Spirit Lodge did their thing in holding it down for us as artists with the hospitality. The fans in Pittsburgh were really receptive to the music and came ready to have a good time. I know i did.
The openers for the night Driving While Black put on a nice set showcasing their skills. What really impressed me were there beats. They had some bangers going fasho!
This was my first time performing in Pittsburgh but it went across well. Luckily I’m performing to a built in crowd of people who have been accustomed to what I do and how I deliver it as a musician as far as being R.A.P Ferreira fans who have watched him grow to his now artistic iteration from his then Milo moniker. The fans are used to watching g a man rap and process through his beats and samples by use of the SP404sx linear wave sampler.
The people who come to these shows are the people who want a quality listening experience so being that my sound and style provides that all else has been a cake walk. I love to be able to have e the experience to express myself in this manner.
Also, thankfully since we’ve gotten the tour underway and I am not making lodging decisions on my own I haven’t had another bad hotel experience either! I still have a lot to learn about if it’s worth more to pay for a great place to rest or more to attempt to rest at a cheap hotel. Marinate on that!!
Our next show on the second day of tour was the Cincinnati stop, which actually was switched to Covington, KY (which is just across the bridge from Cincinnati). We played that spot with a kid named Jay Hill Raps who along with his DJ out on a dope and unique set. The venue was a rooftop venue which was dope. The show went well for myself and the fans bought merchandise. One special moment about this stop was that there was a kid who had seen me perform with R.A.P Ferreira a few years back in Chicago and came to the show as a returning supporter. It’s always cool to make those connections with individuals so that they always feel
obliged and comfortable to come back and see you.
Our next stop after the Cincinnati date was Louisville, KY. I was excited about the Louisville stop because I had always heard great things about the grass in the blue grass state and I’m not gonna lie I did enjoy the grass. Now the bourbon on the other hand was not fit for man nor beast that has any intentions on performing. I feel I still did well at my job of performing but having two bourbon drinks before hitting the stage just was not the wave. First off that bourbon is strong as an ox, nasty as hell and again strong as an ox. I was onstage having a moment of “what am I doing, why and what for” for a second! Hilariously I pulled it all together and was still very well able to deliver a high powered and felt show. Again the crowd showed love and they bought merchandise which always makes me happy. One thing I won’t ever do again is that bourbon before rapping. Never ever.