Audio: Backwood Sweetie featuring BLAX – Always (produced by Jimmy Green)

“Burn One” ep but Backwood Sweetie


This year has started off to be an amazingly great artistic year!

Around February I had a deep seated urge to get back to the grind of slangin these rhymes like dimes in DOOM like fashion and so that’s what I did!

Thanks to the great and free networking services like twitter, facebook and instagram I was able to immediately boot up and hop right back into the thick of the underground hip hop scene.

My creative thought process has always been to cater to those who support me and not to focus so much on mass appeal. I like to look at the art that we create in the underground as if it is boutique.

With that said I will always be thankful for my #1 twitter home girl Samantha aka @Black.silq529 for being a friend and believer because if it weren’t for her reposting my tweets I would have never been properly introduced to Backwood Sweetie, whom is definitely now a friend and sister of mine’s. Among other things she is a mother first as well as a phenomenal writer and artist. From our shared conversations I also gather that she is heavy on the Black Nerd movement and loves anime and video gaming too, which is super cool. Thats the balance that a talent like Backwood Sweetie possesses.

I was honored to be asked to feature on the track “Always” for Backwood Sweetie’s latest ep “Burn One”. The track features the soulful production of UK hip hop producer Jimmy Green and immediately caught my ear. After receiving the song from my homegirl from Hyattsville, MD I got right to work on crafting my verse asapishly! My pen was moving feverishly because I was so inspired and motivated by both the beat and the flows. More so than that I was beyond geeked just to be considered as a feature artist and humbled as well because this woman slings rhymes like Conan swings swords and I was impressed that she called me in to help fight and feature on her battle for rap supremacy.

Off the rip Backwood Sweetie came correct with her verse so I had no choice but to blaze mines. Seemingly, even without ever meeting we align well with each other content wise and flow wise and over a jazzy, classic, hip hop track we delivered what some are calling “Song of the year”! Shouts out to Ruben!

“Burn One” is a dope ride that features a handful of other notable talents on the beats as well as the bars. The ep is getting noticed and if you havent already please go check the track as well as the overall ep.

Much love and respect to hip hop. Women in hip hop and overall DOPE emcees.


“Burn One” is available on Bandcamp as well as all DSP’s @